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Section A: Introduction

Adaptable Ink Publishing House exists to publish profound books for children to young adults and our full intent is to use data responsibly. Our exceptional literature promotes literacy for libraries and schools through family-friendly, educational content that applauds race and nation diversity and supports common-sense parenting to build up meritorious youth through wholesome, traditional nuclear family unit teachings. If any visitor has a problem with our tracking cookies and retargeting advertisements of this nature, you can remove your cookies by following directions in Section C and discontinue using this website.

Section B: Usage

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Section C: Acceptance

Cookies are highly recommended to help us love our users, but you have the right to accept or decline the cookies. NOTE: For example, if you are using the Chrome browser and you were unable to decline the cookies, you can easily remove cookies from any website on the web by clicking on the info or padlock icon next to the domain name in the browser bar, then select cookies, then select the name of the cookie and click REMOVE. You can also remove cookies from your phone settings. You are not bound by cookies as a passing visitor because you can remove them if you do not use or regularly visit certain sites. If you do not like our cookies, please follow our recommendation in Section A to discontinue visiting this website.

Section C: Operations

This is the Privacy Policy of the Adaptable Ink website (and any other domains that we operate) and all content, services and products, including any mobile applications, we may provide (collectively, the “Application”). The Application is operated by Adaptable Ink (together with our affiliates and subsidiaries, “the company”, “we”, “us”, “our” and terms of similar meaning). It describes the personal information that we collect from users of our Application as part of the normal operation of our Application, and how we use and disclose this information.

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